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A New Dog in the Family – Part Two

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Our previous post outlined how to make the initial introductions of a new dog to children, cats and other dogs in the family. Having a new dog is a big change and commitment to any household and there are many factors to consider.

New dog in family - 2 

So introductions made, what is next?

As mentioned above having a dog is a big commitment.However, help is out there! There is equipment available that can help with day-to-day life with the new addition to your family, such items include dog runs, kennels, crates, and carriers. The requirement of these very much depends on your lifestyle and factors including the area in which the dog plays and the time the dog spends aloneetc.

Dog Care Equipment

Dog Runs - Dog runs are the perfect way to contain your four-legged friend and keep them safe and secure. A great way to keep your pet out of danger, away from the risk of traffic orrunning away, our Slaneyside dog runs are the perfect choice! No matter whether you are seekingshort-term peace of mind while you leave your dog outside or you need to go out to work each day and know your dog is safe, our dog runs are the easiest and best solution.

New dog in family 


Dog Kennels – Dog kennels are another excellent way of keeping yourdog safe and secure. Dog kennels are ideal for keeping dogs warm and dry in the Winter while protecting them from the sun and heat in the Summer.All Slaneyside dog kennels are made in Ireland and feature only the finest and most durable materials in a broad selection of styles and colours. Regular maintenance is required.

Dog Bowls, Drinkers and Feeders – Kit out any dog run or kennel withbolt on water and food fed sets to keep your dog fed and hydrated. There is also the choice of automatic drinkers and feeders which are ideal for any situation.

Dog Carriers and Crates–Dog carriers and crates have multiple uses and can come in very handy in everyday life with your new dog. Dog fold flat cages are ideal for, crate training your puppy, creating a sleeping den and transporting in your car. Slaneyside also stock a range of airline approved heavy plastic carriers.

Tractive GPS Tracking – Never worry about your new dog going missing! Tractive GPS tracking deviceslet you know exactly where your dog is. Check the location of your dog in a browser or using one of our mobile apps for smartphones (iPhone, Android).

New dog in family 

Need Advice on any of the above-mentioned solutions or product advice? Please contact Slaneyside today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone: 053 9388567. We would love to help!

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