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A dog is for life, not just for Christmas

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Remember the old saying, ‘a dog is for life not just for Christmas’.  Did you know this phrase was actually coined over 40 years ago by Clarissa Baldwin of the Dogs Trust.  Here at Slaneyside Kennel Solutions we would 100% agree with the sentiment of that statement.  Infact, we would probably go a little further.  A dog should never be brought into a new family at Christmas time.

However, we know that all of Ireland and indeed the world, many families will wake up on Christmas morning to a new four-legged-friend edition to their home.So, if you are one of those people who are seriously considering buying a dog this Christmas for your kids or loved one, here are few things to consider.

1. Your life will change

Think new baby.  The status quo you are used to is about to be upset.  Yes, your new pup might be the cutest thing in the world, but try telling yourself that at 6am in the morning when you come down stairs and stand in fresh puppy po

2. Your dog will need to eat the correct food

So you know the breed and you have done some research I hope.  Do you know what you need to feed them and how often?  Have you sourced a good supplier of quality dog food?

3. Your dog might make a lot of noise!

Again, think baby.  Your dog, especially if young will be unfamiliar with any surroundings so barking, crying and yelping are all likely.

Your dog will need exercise

We hope you have not considered getting a new dog to spur you into more (or even beginning to) exercise.  Much better if you are an outdoorsy type person already and the exercise your dog requires will fit in with your existing routine.  But will it?

5. A new pup can equal a lot of mess and destruction

Again, think baby! Mess is inevitable. Things being chewed up is likely. Many dogs will moult at certain times of the year leaving hair everywhere.

6. Your dog will need training

Did I mention the baby analogy already?!  Much like with a new baby you will need train your new dog to act and respond in the way you want it to.

7. Your dog will incur vet’s bills

For numerous reasons, you will need to take your dog to the vet. From routine inoculations to addressing ill health.

8. Your dog will not be welcome everywhere you go

You might love your new dog, but will everyone?  What if you are going over to friends who have a child who is petrified of dogs?  Or maybe has an allergy to dog-hair?

9. Your dog will need to be looked after when you go on holiday

Not all places, by any means are pet friendly.  And transporting them, especially overseas can incur hefty costs.  However, leaving them behind in kennels when you go off on holiday can also be costly not to mention distressing for your dog.

 It is estimated the cost of a dog is in the region of €10,000 over its life time (depending on its size).  This is not an insignificant amount for most people.  If you are reading over the above and are not flinching at the extra responsibility or costs, then perhaps you are ready to take on a new edition to your family.

 We just ask you to think carefully about this before you make this decision, particularly now, at this time of the year, when we might be tempted to think and act more emotionally with our heart rather than more logically with our heads.  Please don’t become one of those people who abandon a dog in the first few weeks of next year (or ever for that matter!) who suddenly realize they cannot cope with the extra responsibility they have taken on.

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