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Assembly guide

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Slaneyside kennel supplies
Enclosure-Dog Run Assembly Instruction

Part One: Components for Dog Run
1. Door Panel: 1 pcs 2. Side Panels : 4 pcs
1. Door Panel: 1 pcs 2. Side Panels : 4 pcs
Optional Parts List  
5. Dog dish and holders set  
6. Roof System  
Door Panel

Door Panel

Side panel

Side Panel

Part Two : Assembly Instructions

Step 1. Start at a back corner. Left or Right. Whichever is easiest for your assembly. If you run has a void panel this will be used as the back panel Erect 2 side panels at right angles to make your corner shape. (Refer to Picture One).You now use a bolt washer and nut at the top first to join two panels together, hand tighten. Repeat at the bottom and join two panels together again
Step 2. Add one side panel with 2 nuts, bolts washers top first and then bottom, hand tighten as well.
Step 3. Add one side panel with 2 pcs of clamps and 1 pcs of base foot to make your next corner. (Refer to Picture 2). Make clamps firm but tighten at end.
picture 01

picture 01

picture 02

picture 02

picture 03

picture 03

Step 4. Erect the door panel with 4 piece of nuts bolts washer both top and bottom.(Refer to Picture 4). You can install the gate where ever it suits your needs.
picture 04

picture 04-01

picture 05

picture 04-02

Step 5. The gate latch has a lock nut which now can be loosened to your desired tension If you have bought the model without the roof, you are now complete. Please tighten the entire run.
Step 6. If you have a roof system as well now you insert the 6 roof brackets provided (Refer to Picture 5).

picture 05

Step 7. Next take your two lengths of timber and attach to the roof brackets, this provides the base for the roof sheeting. Next take the roof sheeting and lay on the timber overlapping each sheet, now with a drill and text screw bit screw on the sheeting into the timber with text screws provided. (Refer to Picture 6).

picture 06

Step 8. Now that you run is complete. You can affix to the ground with the L brackets and raw bolts.
Step 9. If you have purchased the feeder/waterer. You can connect this to any spot that is convenient to you and your setup. Place the main frame on the inside of the run, then take a flat bracket and place that on the outside of the run and connect with the bolts provided. (Refer to Picture 7).
picture 07

picture 07


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